Date Approved: 7 May 2024

Approved By: Standing Committee

Review Date: 6 May 2027


1.1    The Anglican Diocese of Nelson (the “Diocese”) is committed to promoting and protecting the privacy of all individuals associated with its ministry in the Diocese, including Clergy, staff, volunteers, parishioners and donors.

1.2    The policy seeks compliance with the Privacy Act 2020 and the Information Privacy Principles.

2. purpose

2.1    The purpose of this policy is to maintain the privacy of individuals by meeting the Diocese’s obligations under the Privacy Act 2020.

3. Background

3.1    In December 2020 the Privacy Act of 1993 was updated. The Act requires certain standards of care in the treatment of personal data. The 13 Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 2020 outline how to safely collect, store, use, disclose, access, amend, and destroy personal data, whether in New Zealand or when dealing with overseas organisations.

4. Privacy Policy

4.1    The Diocese will meet its obligations under the Privacy Act to managing private information by:

  • Maintaining and reviewing a Privacy Policy (this document)
  • Appointing a Privacy Officer
  • Providing Diocesan Privacy guidelines that outline how private information should be managed operationally in the Diocese
  • Providing training to help clergy and staff meet their obligations under this policy
  • Maintaining a Privacy Register that tracks instances of:some text
    • Requests for access to personal data held by the Diocesan Office or Ministry Unit
    • Requests for an amendment to personal information held by the Diocesan Office or Ministry Unit.
    • Data breaches and Notifiable Data Breaches

5. Review

5.1    This document will be reviewed every five years by Standing Committee.

5.2    This Version Approved 07 May 2024

6. Reference Information