Our Mission

We cultivate vibrant local communities of faith to radiate the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world around them

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What makes us unique?

We are proudly Anglican with an evangelical flavour. We cover the top of the South Island, so you could basically draw a line from Greymouth to Kaikōura and shade in everything to the north. That means we’re spread widely, and include a wide range of provincial and rural locations. Generally speaking, our churches are a mix of contemporary and traditional expressions, though we’re perhaps more ‘low church’ and charismatic overall than other Anglican dioceses.

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Safe Ministry

In our diocese, you should expect all activities and ministries to be physically, emotionally and spiritually safe. You should be treated fairly, be respected, and be treated with love and compassion. To support this, all staff and volunteers engaged in ministry undertake safe ministry training and are regularly police vetted.
Any concerns about physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual or other safety should be raised with your leader, vicar and/or Health & Safety Advocate, or should be raised as a formal complaint using our complaints process.

Ministry Standards
three kids laughing together