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a young girl rising from water after being baptised by two people
a young girl getting baptised by two people

Welcome to the Anglican Diocese of Nelson

Cultivating vibrant local communities of faith to radiate the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world around them

two young adults baptising a young girl, smiling

Kōrero mai ano | speak to us again

Kōrero mai ano
speak to us again

We are in a Season of Discernment, taking time to reflect on the past and prayerfully consider the future.

a group of people discussing together outside

Revitalisation: this is not a drill

Navigating change and discerning the voice of God

What do we need to do today to ensure that the Gospel is still being proclaimed loudly in all corners of the Nelson Diocese in 2030 and beyond? The plan for the rest of this year is to answer this question.

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