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The Nelson Anglican Diocese covers the top of the south island of New Zealand, from Kaikoura on the east coast, across to Kumara on the west and everywhere else in between. We have four regions within our patch, Nelson, Waimea (Tasman), Marlborough and Mawhera (the mighty West coast). The Youth Coordinator's role is to support, resource, equip and encourage the parishes, youth leaders and youth ministries represented within our four regions. 

Our Mission: To have young people passionate about their faith in Christ; excited by the church as an expression of their faith and fully engaged at every level of church life.

'Raising up the next generation with a passion for Christ'




Youth leader support The Youth Coordinators primry role is to be the biggest supporter of youth ministry in the Diocese. Catching up, encouraging, sparking fresh ideas and walking with our youth leaders as they raise up their young people is what we are passionate about.

Resources We have a number of youth ministry resources as well as equipment for youth leaders and youth groups available to loan through the Diocese office. From time to time we also provide training in key ministry areas.

Spring camp  - THE youth event of the year! This is the place where our youth and youth leaders all gather together over one huge long weekend - to worship, to be inspired and encouraged, to have extreme fun, and to battle it out regionally for the mighty bishop's log and cup!

Charge leadership - This is a monthly training event for young leaders that happens before The Sauce

Events – We encourage and subsidise our youth and youth leaders to attend Southern ‘Easter camp’ and ‘The Abbey’ national Anglican youth leaders conference as well as promoting any relevant local events and national youth conferences throughout the year.

Young Adults - 'The Order of the Vine' is a ministry in partnership with St Stephens Tahunanui that gathers together young adults from Nelson / Waimea for quarterly forums tackling relevant topics. There are also small attached to OOTV.

The Sauce - This is our regional youth hub for local Nelson/Waimea groups, it's a fortnightly youth programme designed to bring groups together and foster relationships between parishes. Nathan Hughes, our youth assistant heads this up.








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Youth Unit March 2017



Hi everyone, It's Movember season and a couple of weeks now after Spring Camp! What a weekend it was.

2015 is here!

Hi everyone and welcome to a new year of youth ministry in the Nelson Anglican Diocese! I'm excited to see how God will shape things this year as we continue to raise up the next generation with a passion for Christ together.  

Youth Coordinator

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