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We support a number of other ministries in the Diocese such as the Mission to Seafarers and Hospital Chaplaincy work in Wairau & Nelson hospitals.



Port Nelson is the only international port in the top of the South Island of New Zealand. It is also one of the largest fishing ports in Australasia being the home of both Talleys and Sealord companies. 95% of exports from this region (logs, wine, fruit) and all the imports (cars, white ware, general goods) transit through this port. The seafarers who man these ships face long and hazardous times away from family and friends. The Mission offers internet and telephone access as well as a safe, friendly and comfortable place to relax.

It is available for all seafarers irrespective of race or creed and we honour these values. We are part of an international Christian organisation and pride ourselves in offering an open and friendly environment. At the moment we are the only Mission in the South Island and depend on subscriptions and volunteers from the local community. Without the work of these seafarers, life in this region would be very different. They are part of our lifeline to the outside world and they deserve our support.

The Mission to Seafarers in Port Nelson provides services through its Manager and volunteers who are supported by their committee members.

The Mission to Seafarers are often able to offer practical support with employment issues or personal needs, as well as emotional and spiritual support through communications facilities, transport to services and counselling.

Seafarers seek our assistance because all too often they have nowhere else to turn. When a seafarer is shipwrecked and has lost everything, the Mission is there with clothes, food, accommodation, a safe refuge and that vital phone call home. If they are injured and alone in a foreign hospital our staff visits him, offer support and liaise with their family. If they are stranded without pay, with no food, money or ticket home, the MtS provides for him and helps with embassy, legal and immigration issues. Seafarers may not be paid by their company after many months at sea; the Mission helps negotiate with his employers and arrange legal or union advice.

Ships are often on a short turnaround in port with barely any time ashore, our staff welcomes them to our centre where they can socialise, play pool and have fun, they can play board games, read books or watch TV.

We have PC computers, laptop connections and telephones for seafarers to contact their families and enjoy a break from their ship.

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Hospital Chaplains provide much needed support for patients, relatives and hospital staff.

Hospital Chaplains have long played a vital support role in public hospitals throughout New Zealand.  When faced with hardship or loss, many people find it difficult to talk to their loved ones, or to cope alone, and Hospital Chaplains are there to listen and to help.  Regardless of a person's religious or spiritual beliefs,  they seek to comfort those in need whenever they can. Our Chaplains have been a support to so many people ver the past 42 years, but we need your support to continue this valued, necessary service. As a charitable organisation, we rely on the local community to assist us.

Life can take many twists and turns, and we never truly know what might be around the corner. Our Hospital Chaplains will talk to anyone, anytime, and that means that no matter what happens, someone is there for patients, their families and their friends to ensure that no one is ever truly alone.

Because we all need someone...

Nelson and Wairau Hospital Chaplains   


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