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We support a number of other ministries in the Diocese such as the Mission to Seafarers and Hospital Chaplaincy work in Wairau & Nelson hospitals.



Mission to Seafarers is here to support seafarers when they need us most. Men and women who work at sea can be affected by any number of circumstances ranging from: employment contract concerns, noncompliant Shipping practices, financial worries, mental health issues, family problems at home, health issues, bullying, loneliness, piracy, warzones, shipwreck, and abandonment.

Mission to Seafarers is currently in over 200 Ports and 50 Nations worldwide and was founded in the UK in 1856 when various Anglican Seafarer ministries decided to combine under one organisation. Mission to Seafarers was established in Wellington, NZ in 1898 and has been operating out of Nelson since the 1980s. We also work alongside 26 other Seafarer Welfare Societies from other Christian Denominations, who combined make up the Ecumenical organisation, “International Christian Maritime Association”, also known as ICMA. There are over 1.6million Seafarers on the high seas at any given time and thousands of these Seafarers visit Port Nelson every year.

Our Port Nelson, Seafarer Chaplain Peter Akuhata along with his team of volunteer Ship Visitors, Alex Lang and Pete Huswick visit the many ships that berth in Nelson. Onboard ship visits have replaced the old mission centre due to changes and shorter turn arounds for ships. With our Ship visits we offer pastoral care support, counselling support and seafarer welfare advocacy. With some seafarer contracts lasting up to 9 months at sea away from family, up to 60% of seafarers suffer from depression. The international shipping industry has the worst industrial suicide rate in the world. Our Nelson Seafarer Chaplaincy have helped to resolve several serious cases and have been available for seafarers when they were vulnerable. Please Keep the Seafarers and our team in your Prayers.

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Hospital Chaplains provide much needed support for patients, relatives and hospital staff.

Hospital Chaplains have long played a vital support role in public hospitals throughout New Zealand.  When faced with hardship or loss, many people find it difficult to talk to their loved ones, or to cope alone, and Hospital Chaplains are there to listen and to help.  Regardless of a person's religious or spiritual beliefs,  they seek to comfort those in need whenever they can. Our Chaplains have been a support to so many people ver the past 42 years, but we need your support to continue this valued, necessary service. As a charitable organisation, we rely on the local community to assist us.

Life can take many twists and turns, and we never truly know what might be around the corner. Our Hospital Chaplains will talk to anyone, anytime, and that means that no matter what happens, someone is there for patients, their families and their friends to ensure that no one is ever truly alone.

Because we all need someone...

Nelson and Wairau Hospital Chaplains   


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