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The Diocese of Nelson Anglican Care Committee is committed to the Christian values of love, service and justice:

  • By enabling parishioners and parishes to respond to the needs of their local communities
  • By responsible stewardship and effective utilisation of resources
  • By celebrating the unique presence of God in each person
  • By resourcing and supporting community and parish social services
Mission Statement: 
"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you" (John 13:34)

Pastoral Care Ministries  - Support is available for:

  • Men
  • Couples
  • Youth
  • Children
  • Families
  • Families and individuals in crisis
  • Those experiencing bereavement
  • The Elderly, through visiting, home communion and prayer

Christian counselling: Support is available for:

  • Youth
  • Marriage
  • Crisis
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Bereavement
  • Relationships

Community Assistance: Support is available from:

  • Parish Drop in centres - several parishes operate these so that people can come in for a cuppa and a chat
  • Opportunity shops - several parishes have successfully operated these shops, which fill a definite need in the community.
  • Emergency Relief  - Most parishes have a fund available to assist with emergency needs such as winter heating, medical expenses and firewood.
  • Emergency Accomodation - All Saints' parish in Nelson city, in conjunction with the Society of St Vincent de Paul, provides emergency accommodation for a number of people (The Nelson Night Shelter). It also hosts the Loaves and Fishes ministry, a lunch service for those in difficulty. 
  • Food banks
  • Budget advice
  • Meals delivered
  • Night shelter
  • Furniture bank
  • Short term loans
  • Food parcels
  • Short term help
  • Youth ministry - youth and community workers are employed in several parishes

Children's Ministry: Support is available through:

  • St Andrew's Family Trust (supporting families and children at risk)
  • Kids 'n Coffee groups
  • Child care
  • Creches
  • Play groups
  • After school clubs
  • Holiday programmes

Family mentoring:  - Support is available through:

  • Providing family mentoring in partnership with the Open Home Foundation
  • Parish Nurse - This area has been generating considerable interest. Some parishes already provide a parish nurse who acts as an advocate and health promoter
  • "Person to Person" caring - All parishes offer pastoral care, offering wide ranging services both spiritual and practical, eg prayer, meals, transport, etc
  • Parishioners at work - Anglicans have a long history of involvement with the wider community. They work not only from a parish base, but also as individuals, volunteering with social and community groups, providing financial assistance and practical caring. Being a "good neighbour" is as important as running parish programmes.
  • Diocesan Homes and Chaplaincy Residential Care of the Aged - Although not directly linked to the Anglican Care Charitable Trust, the Nelson Diocese is associated with the care of the aged through
      • Whareama Home and Hospital
      • Brook Green Retirement Village
      • Dixon House Residential Home (Greymouth)
      • Pensioner flats in several parishes

Chaplaincy: - Support is provided by Chaplains at:

  • Nelson Hospital
  • Wairau Hospital
  • Woodburn Air Force Base
  • In various workplaces and schools by chaplains and parish clergy

Grants: Support is provided to parishes from:

  • The Anglican Care Committee which distributes money to Anglican parishes in the Nelson Diocese for social and community work.

Contacts: -

General enquiries :  Jen Lockwood,  Social Services Enabler



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Funding Round for 2020

-applications close 1st of the month/ accountability reports due 31st March


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Anglican Care (Whakarewa) & Whareama


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Anglican Care (Whakarewa) & Whareama

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