The Association of Anglican Women (AAW)

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The Association of Anglican Women is an umbrella organisation throughout New Zealand, including Polynesia, for women's groups in the Anglican Church.

It was formed in 1969 from Mothers' Union and is open to all women. It has its own national magazine "Circle".

In the Nelson Diocese there are 473 members in 24 groups across the top of the South Island, from Kaikoura on the East Coast and Greymouth on the West Coast. There are 14 groups in the Nelson-Waimea region, 6 in Marlborough and 4 in Mawhera. Two or three Regional meetings are held each year.

Mission Statement: 
The aims of the Association are: 1. "To unite in Prayer and Participate in the Mission of the Church" 2. "To Promote, Safeguard and Nurture Christian Family Life"

Overseas and Outreach Raising money for many projects supporting women and children in a number of countries overseas. In NZ, supporting women and children in new initiatives. There is also an Emergency Fund to enable an immediate response in times of disaster. Women who move to the Nelson Diocese from elsewhere are encouraged to contact one of the people listed below. Overseas and Outreach funds are distributed through the Anglican Missions Board, and the NZ AAW Overseas and Outreach Convenor (currently Robyn Hickman of Waiapu Diocese) has a seat on the AMB. Social Concerns Through membership of the National Council of Women, AAW can lobby Government over legislation that is felt to undermine families and moral standards. Each year AAW members discuss NCW remits in their groups. Promoting, safeguarding and nurturing Christian Family Life is considered very important and groups are encouraged to report on their activities in this area through the Social Concerns Convenor. The Diocesan President, Overseas and Outreach Convenor, and Social Concerns Convenor are happy to visit and/or speak to AAW groups. Fun, Food and Fellowship are the hallmarks of group meetings as members support, comfort and care for each other, neighbours and church families.

Diocesan PresidentEvelyn Nixon 03 789
Mawhera Regional LeaderMrs Lesta Smithson03 762 7826
Marlborough Regional LeaderSheila Allcutt03 572 8850
Nelson-Waimea Regional LeaderRoz Loasby 03 545
Social Concerns ConvenorPat Cogger 03 768
Overseas and Outreach ConvenorGillian Etherington03 541 8736
Overseas and Outreach ConvenorDiane Higgins 03 541
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